Historic "Tai Miu" Temple Cruise

Half Day - 3 hours

Hong Kong had a thriving fishery industry in the past and many people made a living out in the seas. As a result, the goddess known for protecting the seas, Tin Hau (Mazu), was revered and the worship of this deity became one of the important folk religion practices in Hong Kong. Located in Joss Bay is Hong Kong's oldest Tin Hau Temple, "Tai Miu" meaning "Great Temple", a Grade 1 listed Historic Building. Built in 1266, it's main hall is dedicated to the worship of the goddess. A side hall contains a copper bell and the "Dragon Bed" (The Emperor's bed) which some believe can help bless those who touch it with offspring or wealth. Tens of thousands of people visit this Tin Hau Temple every year to pay their respects and to pray for good weather in the coming year during the Tin Hau Festival in spring. 


A short walk from Tai Miu Temple is Tei Tong Tsui Rock Inscription, the oldest dated rock inscription found in Hong Kong. The inscriptions record the visit of Yim Yick Cheung, the Southern Song Dynasty Salt Distribution Commissioner in the year 1274 to South Fat Tong Mun (Tung Lung Chau) and the North Fat Tong Mun (Tai Miu Wan). 


Take a morning or afternoon cruise with us to this historic Hong Kong site. Our cruise is inclusive of 3 hour cruise, brunch or afternoon tea and free-flow drinks. 



Available Monday - Friday

Morning cruise: 0900 - 1200

Afternoon cruise: 1300 - 1600


Pick up location

Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter



Adult: HK$700,

Youth 13-17 years: HK$550,

Child to 12 years: HK$350


*minimum numbers required for the trip to go ahead

^excludes booking fees

# All sales are final and 100% cancellation penalty apply