Eco-friendly boat trips are here!

Lazydays green initiatives!


Lazydays has always been about reducing waste. From day one, we have provided our clients with reusable bamboo plates and reusable polycarbonate glassware. We now have the following initiatives in place: 


1. Water dispensers to reduce single use plastic bottles. 

2. Reusable plates, cutlery, glassware

3. Specially made food grade food covers to remove cling film use onboard

4. Reusable Teflon baking sheets to reduce disposable foil

5. Changing to craft beers in cans for easier recycling

6. Recycling bins on our boats

7. Partnering with Plastic-Free Seas to help spread awareness


We are always looking at ways to improve and strive to do better. Get in touch with suggestions or to arrange a beach clean up!